5 May 2023

How to create the ultimate vacation feeling with your baby at home

Do you want to create the ultimate vacation feeling with your baby? Many people will not go on holiday this year. However, you can create holiday vibes just at home! We will give you tips to feel like you’re on vacation. Read more..

Is it going to be a hot day? Dress your baby a very absorbent bodysuit, very breathable! Do not forget to use a sun protection, even when your baby is in the shadow.

To create shadow you can build a tent with large muslins and swaddle clips. Attach the muslin to multiple chairs and put a swaddle on the ground. In a few minutes you have created a tent and play mat to let your baby play. Also, very fun to do with your toddler.

Did you buy a little pool for your children in the yard? Babies love to play in the sand, you can create your own beach by adding some sand next to the water. Your little one will play for hours! After playing and swimming you can dry your baby in a hooded towel and wrap in a swaddle which will keep your baby warm and comfortable.

Have a picnic with your toddler in the garden. First, you will make nice food with your little one: cookies, croissants, jam, fruitmix and other delicious snacks. Then put a large muslin on the ground with some pillows and eat your selfmade food. Also very nice to ask the grandmother and grandfather so your baby can show them his selfmade food.

Want to go outside to a quiet place? Go for a stroll in the forest, dunes or park. Visit a place where it isn’t too crowded and go hiking with your family. A muslin cloth is very convenient as blanket or protection from the sun.

Is it bad weather? Together with your toddler you can make a cuddle doll with swaddles and filling. Buy some nice textile ornaments for the details. Who can make the prettiest doll?

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