20 January 2022

5 tips to keep your baby warm when you go outside in winter

Although it's cold outside, go outside and explore the world with your little one. It's fun and healthy to be outside! But, how do you make sure that your baby stays warm and comfy when you go outside with the stroller or maxi cosi in winter? We give you handy and useful tips. 

1. Wrap blanket instead of a jacket

Ever thought about using a wrap blanket in the carrycot or maxi cosi?A wrap blanket is perfect to use instead of a jacket or coat. It's hard to put on a jacket when your baby is still very small and you have to put those tiny arms in the sleeves. You can also use the wrap blanket in the maxi cosi car seat. And when it's getting too warm in the car, you can easily open the wrap blanket. 



2. Use a maxi cosi footmuff in the carrycot

For the maxi cosi, specially designed (smaller) footmuff exist. Did you know you cannot only use these footmuffs in the maxi cosi but also in the carrycot of your pushchair? Babies often move a lot with their legs and if you use just a blanket in the carrycot, chances are that your baby kicks off the blanket. That's quite cold in winter time! When you use a maxi cosi footmuff, your baby can kick and freely move with getting too cold in the carrycot. 


3. Footmuff for stroller and pram

Babies grow so fast! Before you know it, your baby can sit independently. Then you know it's time to purchase a bigger footmuff which you can easily use in the stroller and pram. 


4. Warm hat, scarf and mittens 

When you go outside with your little one, you are constantly moving but your baby is sitting still so it's important to keep him or her warm. Make sure you dress your baby in warm clothes and combine it with a warm footmuff or wrap blanket. Also put on a warm hat, scarf and a set of mittens so you are sure your little one will be warm in winter. 

5. Multifunctional snowsuit

Did you think snowsuits are for ski trips only? Not at all! You can use them all winter long. On the sled, on the bike, in the carrycot, in the pram... When wearing a snowsuit, your child stays warm and can freely move and play around. 


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