27 March 2024

Baby bodysuits: when do I choose a bodysuit with short or long sleeves?

Baby bodysuits are available in many different colours, prints and with short or long sleeves. Enough choice, so how do you decide which bodysuit you need for your baby? We are happy to help you.

Bodysuits with long sleeves

Do you know in how many ways you can use a bodysuit with long sleeves for? Many parents are questioning themselves.. A long sleeved bodysuit keeps your baby warm. You can use a baby bodysuit with long sleeves underneath a cardigan, sweater, long sleeve or baby pajama. Also, it looks very fashionable if you use a bodysuit just as clothing.

Bodysuits with short sleeves

Baby bodysuits with short sleeves are also very versatile and therefore a true must-have in your baby layette. Your baby can wear a bodysuit with short sleeves underneath a pajama, sweater, cardigan, long sleeve or sleeping bag. When the weather is warm, you can use the cotton bodysuit with short sleeves just as a baby top. The cotton is breathable, airy and absorbent which will prevent your baby from getting too sweaty too fast.

Baby bodysuit and sleeping bag combination

By smartly combining bodysuits with sleeping bags you always create the best sleeping bag in every season. When it is cold in the nursery, you can combine a long sleeves sleeping bag with a bodysuit with long sleeves or a baby pajama. Is it getting warmer? Zip off the sleeves of the sleeping bag and combine with a bodysuit with long sleeves. Does your baby get hot easily or is it quite hot in the nursery? Combine the sleeping bag with a breathable bodysuit with short sleeves. Read more about how to smartly combine sleeping bags and bodysuits.

Use a bodysuit just as clothing

The prints and colours of baby bodysuits are very pretty these days, so it would be a pity to hide the lovely bodysuits. This being said, you can easily use a bodysuit just as a baby shirt. In spring or fall you can use a bodysuit with long sleeves to dress your baby. In the summer you can just use a short sleeved baby bodysuit. Combine with a nice baby short or skirt and your baby’s outfit is ready!

Wrap over bodysuit that is easy to dress

Some parents think it is difficult to dress your baby in a bodysuit with long or short sleeves, especially newborns. So, our advice is to choose bodysuits with a foldover design. You do not have to pull a bodysuit over the head when you have a wrap over bodysuit. Also, choose a bodysuit made of knitted cotton that provides stretchy fabric which makes it even more easy to dress your baby.