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Discover our collection of sleeping bags and immerse yourself in the world of safe sleep. At Lodger, safety and comfort are our top priorities, and our sleeping bags are designed with attention to detail. Whether you're on the go or simply at home, we have the perfect sleep solutions for every situation. Read on to learn more about our tog value sleeping bag, sleeping in the car, and sleeping tips for babies.



The TOG value is a measure of the thermal resistance of textiles and clothing. For babies, it's essential when choosing sleep gear, such as sleeping bags. A lower tog value means lightweight and breathable, ideal for warmer environments, while a higher tog value provides more insulation for cooler temperatures. Determining which sleeping bag you need for your baby helps maintain the optimal temperature during sleep. Our smart designs offer the perfect balance between warmth and ventilation, ensuring your little one sleeps comfortably and safely, regardless of the season. Discover our products with tog value sleeping bags. Want to learn more about the TOG value? Read our blog about everything parents need to know about TOG values.









We have a baby sleeping bag that can be used in the car so you

don’t have to wake your child. Many babies and children quickly

fall asleep in a Maxi Cosi or car seat, due to the noise and rocking.

Discover ultimate convenience with our versatile car seat sleeping bag,

specially designed to seamlessly transition from car to bed.

No more hassle of waking up your baby after a car ride -

with our sleeping bag, your little one can sleep undisturbed, seamlessly from car to bed.

How does it work? The Lodger sleeping bag's three-slider

divisible zipper allows you to easily create an opening for the

safety lock to pass through and to keep seeing it.

The car seat sleeping bag also grows with your child,

precisely because of the divisible zipper that allows you to adjust the opening.











A well-fitting baby sleeping bag is essential for several reasons:


Safety: A well-fitting baby sleeping bag prevents the fabric from covering the baby's face.
Our Lodger sleeping bag has a snug fit around the neck and arms.


Optimal temperature: Our snug-fitting sleeping bag ensures the baby remains well insulated, maintaining a stable body temperature.
This is especially important because babies have difficulty regulating their body temperature.


Freedom of movement: A baby sleeping bag with the right fit provides enough freedom of movement
for the baby to comfortably turn and move while also limiting the chance of loose fabrics in the crib.
With enough space at the bottom of our Lodger sleeping bag, your child can still enthusiastically kick.


Sleep comfort: A well-fitting baby sleeping bag contributes to the overall sleep comfort of your little one.
Our Lodger sleeping bag feels soft on the skin, is easy to use, and multifunctional thanks to the divisible zippers.
This allows you to use it as a car seat sleeping bag or to quickly and easily change your child without having to take off the sleeping bag.
Our smallest-size sleeping bag also has scratch mittens, so your little one won't scratch themselves open.