Lodger makes life Easygoing

Who are we?

In 2000, Lodger was founded with the aim of developing innovative and original products to make the lives of babies and parents “easygoing”. Lodger stands for smartly designed Dutch products that stand out for their beautiful, unique designs, excellent quality and durability. Read more about Lodger’s mission or take a look behind the scenes and meet the people behind Lodger.






Lodger thinks comfort for babies is extremely important. We ensure that comfortable feeling by using only the softest materials from the highest quality. We are always looking for the strongest and softest yarns for our products, so we can guarantee that babies feel comfortable. A significant number of our products are knitted. Knitted materials are extremely soft, strong and breathable, which will give your baby a comforting and pleasant feeling.


Lodger develops products that are comfortable for babies and easy to use for parents. In other words, products that make life “easygoing”. We think it is important that our products can be used in multiple ways.  Through innovative design are products are great for at home or on the go. For example, a wrap blanket that can also be used as a play mat. Or, a sleeping bag that is suitable for use in a car seat.

In the current age of digitization, the world is getting smaller and smaller and we are more aware of what is happening around us. People are becoming increasingly more demanding. Also, young parents are busy with work and their social lives. To save the valuable time of young parents and to make their life more “easygoing”, we create products with great usability and high quality. 

Quality & sustainability

Lodger sets high standards for the quality and safety of their products. We only use yarns of the highest quality for our cotton collection. We have a wide selection of OEKO-TEX certified cotton products, meaning they are free from harmful substances. To stay innovative, we are always looking for sustainable materials, like recycled cotton and polyester.

Lodger pays attention to sustainability by looking at every detail of a product. By using high quality materials, we increase the durability of our products. We also make sure that our products are solid, strong and consistent. Besides sustainability in the organization, we think it is important to be sustainable in production too. We think it is important to create strong products which are usable for a lifetime and help to create a better world at the same time. Read more about the quality and sustainability of our products.