21 July 2020

How to use a hooded towel for your baby?

Do you recognize the feeling when you do not want to leave the shower because it is too cold? Your baby has this feeling also after a warm bath. How great would it be to wrap your baby in a soft hooded towel which will keep your baby warm and comfortable? So, are you curious how to use a baby towel? Continue reading...

What is a hooded baby towel exactly?

A badponcho is a wrap blanket which keeps your baby warm after bathing or swimming. You can use the hooded towel as towel because it dries very quickly. Did you know that a baby poncho is super absorbent and breathable due to the 100% cotton fabric? Hydrophilic hooded towel are available in different sizes for babies and toddlers. So, you can use them for a long time.

Bath time

Een handdoek die wij als volwassenen gebruiken is vaak veel te ruw voor een pasgeboren babA towel which adults use are normally too hard for a newborn. Therefore it is important to use a super soft muslin hooded towel after bathing. Due the stitched-in hood, you can use the towel on both sides, which makes them easy to use the other side when one side is wet, perfect!

Baby check up

It is important to go to the health care centre to have a checkup of your baby. For vaccins you often need to undress your baby. So, keep your baby warm by wrapping your baby in a hooded towel. Due to the two layers of knitted muslin cotton the badponcho feels very soft and comfortable. Your baby will keep safe and warm.

At home and on holiday

You will probably go to the beach or swimming pool in the summer so, a hooded towel can be very convenient. Wrap your baby in a hooded towel immidiately after swimming. This way your baby will keep a good temperature. Also, the showers are probably a few minutes walking. During the walk your baby can really cool off. At last, choose a baby hooded towel with arm holes which can be used in the Maxi Cosi or car seat.