What sleeping bag do I need for winter?

It's important to keep your baby warm during a sleep in a cold nursery. To choose the best sleeping bag for your baby you need to questions a few thigs. For example, is your baby easily warm or cold? What temperature is the nursery? Does your baby prefer to sleep in a sleeping bag? After you have answered these questions you can choose a sleeping bag of 2.4 or 3.3 TOG at Lodger.

What is the difference between a winter sleeping bag and a baby sleeping bag?

A winter sleeping bag is a sleeping bag that can be used for winter. For example, our sleeping bag is for babies and got a TOG value of 3.3. This means that the sleeping bag is very warm. A baby sleeping bag is a sleeping bag that is specially designed for babies. Our collection provides sleeping bags in 3 sizes: for babies in size 50/62 and 68/80 and for toddlers in size 86/98.

Sleep tips: the best sleeping bag

How do you make sure your baby sleeps well when it's cold? Our cotton winter sleeping bag with 3.3 TOG and 2.4 TOG provices a safe and warm sleep environment. Choose the best sleeping bag for your baby or toddler.

Three tips to sleep well in winter

Tip 1 – check the neck regularly

Never forget to check your  baby's neck to make sure your baby isn't too cold or too hot.

Tip 2 – choose cotton

Our sleeping bag is made of cotton and features a small fit, which fits very well for your baby or toddler. 

Tip 3 - make sure to have the right nursery temperature

TOG gives information about the sleeping bag. How higher the value, the warmer it is. It's important to choose products with the right TOG value, that fits with your nursery temperature. The nursery has to be between 16°C en 20°C, 18°C is the best temperture. Read more about TOG value.