The most breathable sleeping bag for your baby


Curious why a lot of moms and dads are a big fan of our sleeping bags? They are extremely breathable! Babies are often restless when it is hot during the night as well as during their afternoon nap. When wearing an airy sleeping bag, your baby keeps cool. They days that your little one wakes up damp and sweaty are of over. Now your baby wakes up happy. And that gives mom and dad a lot of energy! 

Good night's rest

All our summer sleeping bags are made of 100% cotton which makes them breathable, super soft and airy. Your baby can sleep comfortably when it is warm. We designed our sleeping bags with great care and due to the fitted design, you don't have to worry that your child slips away in the sleeping bag, so you can sleep thight as well. 

Easy to change

Change clothes or changing a diaper can be a struggle, but not with this sleeping bag. The zipper opens up all the way to the button so you don't have to take off the whole sleeping bag. Saves you a lot of hassle during diaper changes in the night. 

For at home and on holiday

A summer sleeping bag is ideal to use as home when it is warm, but also perfect to take with you on a summer holiday. The lightweight sleeping bag easily fits in your suitcase, is breezy, light and quick-drying.




Hopper Sleeveless

The Hopper Sleeves has been Lodger's summer bestseller for years because it is the most airy and breathable sleeping bag you can possibly find. Perfect for warm days and nights. 

Hopper Newborn

For newborn babies, we specially designed the Hopper Newborn. A unique sleeping bag with fold over sleeves to create scratch mittens. 


Is your newborn restless? Try swaddling your baby in a swaddle sleeping bag. Easy to use and it gives your baby comfort. In this way your baby will sleep better and that will give you a good night's rest as well.