Coming Soon: Empire Fall Winter 19/20 Collection

More and more people in the city have the desire for nature, like peace, relaxation, being offline and go back to basics. These facts have inspired Lodger to introduce new products and prints in our brand new Empire Fall Winter Collection! 

The anchient silk route from Europe to Asia is still the inspiration for the new Empire winterocllection of Lodger. This winter we go from the land into the mountains, where the temperature declines. New animal and flowerprints from the 'Mongolian Empire' will give this collection some colour. Our new collection will bring comfort, warmth, peace and relaxation to you and your baby. 

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Lodger thinks comfort of the product is very important for babies. This will be guarenteed with our qualitive and soft materials and perfect fit for all our products. Our footmuffs, skisuits and winter accessories will be lined with the softest fleece, which will give your baby a safe and secure feeling.



Easy of use 

Another important core value is that Lodger wants to design products which are easy of use, or to make a parent life 'Easygoing'. We design products for at home and on the go, which are usable for different purposes. Our footmuffs and sleeping bags of our new collection are easy to use and are versitile. For example, our winter sleeping bag is also suitable for the maxi-cosi and car seat. 


Quality & Sustainability

We think quality is very important when producing our products. We are always looking for the softest cotton materials, which most of them are OEKO-TEX certificated and therefore free from toxic gasses. Also, we want to use sustainable materials like recycled cotton and polyester. We think it is important to create strong and qualitive products, because this will increase the durability of our products big time and we also will help to create a better environment. 


Teddy Collection

Customize your pram with our fashionable Teddy footmuffs! Keep your baby warm with matching baby hats, scarves and mittens. The new Teddy material is sustainable and made with pet bottles. The people are changing and therefore the environment as well. Lodger wants to help the environment by making choices more consciousely and do what is good for the world. The Teddy collection consists of baby footmuffs with matching baby hats, scarves, mittens and fleece baby slippers. 

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