Lodger makes summer Easygoing


Lodger makes exploring Easygoing

Go exploring with your baby! Carry your baby close to your heart when you visit the zoo or go on vacation. Due to the woven hydrophilic cotton, the baby wrap is breathable and super soft. Very nice to use with activities or just at home. Give your baby warm feet with our cotton baby shoes while carrying your baby in a baby wrap. After swimming, you can use our soft hooded towel to keep your baby warm. Use a wrap blanket as a playmat in the swimming pool or park and after let your baby sleep quietly in the wrap blanket on the way home. Go explore the world together with your little one and admire the world around us.





Lodger makes travelling Easygoing

Are you going on holiday soon? How lovely! Lodger’s breathable products are very convenient to pack in your suitcase. For example, pack a lightweight sleeping bag to give your baby a great sleep. The Hopper makes it easy to change diapers due to the handy zipper. Often, your baby sleeps in a rented crib, which can be a bit gross. If you bring your own pair of breathable fitted crib sheets you will always have a clean bed for your baby. Choose the Lodger fitted sheet, which is very airy and absorbent. Also, do not forget to pack some muslin blankets and swaddle clips, they are such a must have on vacation! Use these multifunctional products for swaddling your baby, as a towel, blanket, wrap blanket or burp cloth. Or get into the play mood and build a tent with your child.


Lodger makes sleeping Easygoing

A great sleep is essential for the baby and parents. Babies tend to have more restless sleeps when it is too hot. You can avoid this by using a breathable hydrophilic baby sleeping bag, which keep your baby cool during warm nights. Do you have a newborn? Use our specially designed newborn sleeping bags! The sleeping bag includes anti-scratch mittens which avoid your baby from scratching themselves. You can also use a sleepsack swaddle. A sleepsack swaddle makes your baby feel safe and secure. So, you can have a great sleep along with your baby on vacation. Use a breathable romper or cotton blanket when it is a bit colder. Use a fitted crib sheet and cotton blanket in the travel cot for a great summer hike!




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