Discover My World

Baby's have a natural curiosity and they have the urge to discover the world around them. They want to feel, see and discover everything. Look at the world through the eyes of your child and explore the world.






Wake up...
and see the world through my eyes

Two big eyes are looking at you from the little crib. Your baby just had a lovely sleep in its sleeping bag and as soon as he sees you, he instantly smiles at you. Isn't this the best feeling there is? To wake up together with your little one, cuddle and start the day together.

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Dress up...
and get ready for my world

Dressing your baby can be a struggle sometimes so take your time and try to make it fun for your baby and yourself. Sing a song for your baby and make it easy for youself. Use a wrap-around bodysuit for example to make dressing your baby more easygoing.

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Walk up...
and experience my world

Let's have a drink and a little bite. Put your baby's shoes on and let's go! Now is the time to get ready and discover the world. Put comfortable and flexible shoes on your baby's feet to protect them when you go outside. Is your baby already crawling or taking its first steps? Go for slippers or shoes with non-slip soles for extra safety while discovering the world.

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Move out...
and discover my world

Let's go outside with your baby! Put on some soft slippers and make sure your little one is wrapped comfortably in the footmuff. Don't forget to bring a Swaddle and a set of Swaddle Clips and you are ready to hit the road and discover the world together with your little one!

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