3 June 2017

Carrying Consultant Marjolein shares her experiences with the Lodger Cocooner

Teething… What seemed to go smoothly with our son appears to be a small drama with our daughter. Regularly she doesn’t want to fall asleep at night, alone in her bed. Certainly not with pain in her mouth.

I really wanted to clean the living room, empty the dishwasher and sit on the sofa. And oh right, write this blog.


draagdoekAs a carrying consultant, I have a collection of baby wraps and baby carriers and I have plenty of choice. However, since I have the Lodger Cocooner, I mostly take this wrap out of the closet on nights like this. Nice and soft for Noa’s bare legs and super comfortable on my shoulders.

The baby wrap is so soft it doesn’t cut into my armpits or neck. Also it is easy to tie and not too warm so it’s comfortable to wear inside. Because well, letting Noa cry while she doesn’t feel comfortable is not something that fits us. So I tie the wrap, put the baby in and cuddle her. And of course finish as many items on my list as possible, because with Noa in the wrap sling I don’t have to sit still. I quickly organize the toys, put the clean dishes in the cabinets and go to my practice area upstairs to work on this blog.


lodger cocooner

The beautiful material of the Lodger baby wrap surprises me every time. It is a double-layered knitted hydrophilic baby carrier, which is super soft, really super soft. The advantages of a stretchy baby wrap, but because it only stretches in width and not in length the hybrid wrap can be tightened very well and partly possesses the qualities of a woven baby wrap. This gives you more possibilities than just the basic knot for the stretchy wrap, although this is the most comfortable knot to start with for beginners.

Are you getting the hang of it? Dependent on the age and development of your child you can then start experimenting with other multi-layered belly and hip knots (for example a 3-layered Hip carry, Front Cross Carry (FCC) or a Front Double Hammock). With a multi-layered knot, two or three layers of fabric go across your infants back, so it is well supported. Later on I will write a blog post about all the posibilities of this baby wrap. For all the parents who are a bit more experienced in babywearing, this baby wrap even gives you the possibility to wear your baby on your back! Because the Cocooner is a bit more stretchy than a woven baby wrap, it requires a bit more technique to learn the knots for back carrying. If you don’t have any experience yet, a consult can really be recommended. A consultant can also advise you on which knot is best for your child’s development and age. Also she can give you advice on buying a baby wrap that suits you and your preferences.



In the meantime, Noa fell asleep in the baby carrier while I’m working on my laptop. Later I will put her in her own bed, knowing she will happily continue sleeping. With her thumb in her mouth and with the fingers of her other hand tickling her hair. On her belly, crawled all the way up to the top of the blankets with her head tight in the corner of the crib. Because limitation is what you like. And safety. You continue to fall asleep against mommy many more times little one. Because this is lovely for the both of us. Maybe I will just sit here with you in the baby wrap for a bit longer. To watch you, how beautiful you are, all relaxed asleep against my body. Maybe those teeth aren’t such a drama after all…

Lots of love,

Marjolein de Jong

Certified carrying consultant

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    Marjolein woont samen met haar vriend Henri, zoontje Jesse (3,5) en dochtertje Noa (1) in Zwolle en is gecertificeerd draagconsulent onder de naam Draagmijdichtbij. Zij is aangesloten bij de Vereniging van Draagdoekconsulenten.