1 May 2018

Lizet Greve reviewed the Lodger Cocooner baby wrap

I'm a big babywearing fan, but with my first child I only used a baby carrier. Three years ago, the baby wrap wasn't really 'hot' but the baby wrap has become a real fashion item nowadays. So I was really pleased I got the chance to try Lodger's fashionable Cocooner baby wrap. And I have to say: I'm really enthusiastic!

Knotting the wrap was kind of a challenge at first, but after reading the knotting instructions, I'm really getting the hang of it. I'm considering to visit a baby wearing consultant to learn more wrapping techniques. If you wrapped the Cocooner as instructed, it feels really comfortable. It's so nice to have your baby close to you but also have your hands free. Which is necesarry if you have an active toddler running around ;)   


The hydrophilic baby wrap is extremly soft and made of 100% cotton. This makes it light, breathable which makes the wrap perfect for summer. But you don't have to worry it will be too cold in winter, the fabric is double-layered. I've been told that the Cocooner is made of 100% knitted cotton. The way it's knitted makes sure the fabric only stretches in one way. This makes it easier to knot, the wrap will keep its shape and supports your baby really well. I've noticed this also while testing the wrap, it gives perfect comfort to my son. I never had the feeling that my son was uncomfortable or unsafe. I've washed the wrap and even after washing the fabric feels super soft! 

Another great thing is that I can use the wrap until Vic will be 12 kilograms! 

Next to the fact that the Cocooner is safe and has an ergonic fit, it's also really fashionable. I instantly fell in love with this print and it matches great with all outfits. Because the fabric is so soft, you can perfectly wear it under your coat or jacket. 

Long story short: I'm a big fan! 

With love,