19 September 2020

A baby wrap is not my thing. Or maybe it is..?

It looks so difficult to tie the baby sling and the bright color combinations were not completely my style. Also, how heavy is a baby? Three kilos, or maybe four? You can just easily keep them in your arms, can you? How hard could it be.

My daughter Evi is born one month too early and suffered a lot from typical premature ailments, like cramps and reflux. For hours I have walked with her in my arms and there was not one single moment I thought a baby wrap would be the solution. Because it just wasn’t something for me. 

In the meantime my son Jack is born and my friend, who has also two kids of her own, convinced me to try a baby wrap. Her magic words were: “While you are comforting Jack you can play with Evi at the same time”.

With a toddler running around and a baby who is suffering from cramps, a baby wrap is indeed a true miracle. To carry my baby was such a relief for me that I bought the Cocooner right away. When my baby is restless I easily tie the baby carrier wrap on my body and Jack will relax immediately because of my body warmth. To knot the baby wrap was something I thought was so difficult. However, with handy instruction videos I quickly learned how to tie a baby wrap. Right now you can for sure say that I am a big fan of baby wraps.

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  • Liv

    Mom & Online Marketeer at Lodger. Loves to share baby tips, tricks and information with other parents :)