11 November 2016

Lustvoorhetoogblog.com: Favo Instagrammer Elise

The girl behind the Instagram account

"Let me introduce myself: my name is Elise (29 years) and I live in Rotterdam with my husband Gwenn (35 years) and our daughter Fiene (1 year old). I am an account manager for baby lifestyle brand Lodger. I am working on the product presentation and styling the products. At the moment we live in a rented apartment in the city center of Rotterdam. In about 1 year we will move out and move into our new home. We are still busy with the realization of our new home but we are certain that we will live there in about a year. We still need to be patient, but I am really looking forward to move in."

What triggered your passion for interior?

"When I was young I always liked to totally change my room from time to time. Nothing much changed since then, because I still like to rearrange rooms. Just to give it a refreshed feeling. I do love to search for inspiration on Pinterest, as well as Instagram and great television programs about lifestyle. For me it is the reason to be creative, like it is for everyone else."


How would you describe your own interior style?

"Already when we moved in this apartment 2,5 years ago, we knew that we would not live there for a long time. That is why I tried to keep the costs as low as possible by searching for creative solutions. For example, we painted our original concrete floor with a special coating which created the industrial style that we love. The splashes of paint from the time the apartment was build are still visible on the floor. I would describe our lifestyle as industrial and Scandinavian with a little bit of green. Of course, I am already thinking about how I would decorate our new home. Right now I am thinking of dark blue with for example a velvet pink or an ocher yellow chair. Still with a lot of green to still keep a little touch of the Art Deco style."


Do you wish something was different in your home?

"I still really love my place! However, mainly because I know now that we are going to move out soon, I did not pay a lot of attention to our decoration as I would have liked. What would I want to change? I really would love to get a new couch and to paint the walls again. Many stuff are from the time that I moved out of my parents’ place. I would like to replace those things with more luxury furniture and more design stuff. I would say, come look at my new house next year!"

Which must-have do you think is absolutely necessary in the bedroom of Fiene?

"I really loved to decorate the bedroom of Fiene. When I was pregnant I could spend hours in her room and also imagining of how it would be when she would be actually be there. At the time I consciously chose not to buy a complete bedroom at one store. I thought it would be awesome to have different furniture. We choose to get a vintage locker, a retro crib and a dresser of scaffolding wood. With it all together it had a fun effect. When Fiene was still very little, she slept in a crib which my mother and I slept in as well. My mother clothed the crib again, which resulted in a completely new crib. The crib is very valuable for myself, so this is the truly must-have for in the bedroom. However, for now I safely put it away because Fiene is not that little anymore. Of course, the Maileg Bunny cannot lack in a baby bedroom as well."

What is your best styling tip for in the baby/children’s room?

"To match old stuff with new stuff! This way you will make it very personal. Ask in your family if there is someone who has an old crib or bedstead. Also, pay attention to the size of the room before you are going to design your baby or children’s room. The bedroom of Fiene is not that big, so, that is why I choose for an smaller and less deeper closet. The most important thing is to create the feeling of security and peace. If you are deciding to buy a AeroSleep matrass or you already have one, just know that you can use the fitted sheets of Lodger! This will not result in a decrease of the function of the mattress. This is mainly because of the knitted hydrophilic fabric, which the baby fitted sheets are made of."

Which Instagram accounts do you like to follow?

"There are a lot of accounts I do like to follow. The first one in my mind is the account of @liveloudgirl."

Did you get inspired of Fiene’s room design? Follow Elise on Instagram: @_ELISEE_O

xoxo Manon

Originally published on: Lustvoorhetoogblog.nl