29 November 2019

Top 5 baby gifts for the holiday season

Gift season has started and that means looking for beautiful products, wrapping them and surprise your loved ones with the gifts, which they always wanted. What is better than receiving a gift? Giving one of course! Experience the Joy of Giving and make people smile with your gift. To help you find the perfect gift, we have listed a top 5 of gifts for the Holiday season.

1. Plush Toys

A plush toy or a cuddle blanket is always a sweet and affordable gift. A baby can cuddle and sleep with the super soft plush toy. Also, it is really convenient to attach the pacifier to the cuddle blanket.

2. Baby shoes

Baby shoes are always a good idea. What do you think of our Teddy baby slippers, which are very soft and warm for the winter. Or, do you prefer to make a fashion statement with our cute leather shoes? These shoes are warm and comfortable for baby’s feet, which will make them happy. So, baby shoes are essential and therefore perfect as a gift.

3. Swaddles

You can never have enough swaddles. So, what is more perfect than our wrapped package of three small muslins cloths? Muslin squares are made of knitted cotton, but all three are a little different. Small muslin blankets are very convenient, because you can use them for almost everything. Read here about how you can use swaddles. Every (future) mom will be happy with this present.

4. Wrap blanket

Do you want to give a more luxurious gift? The three in one wrap blanket is the perfect idea! This wrap blanket makes sure all babies feel comfortable and stay warm. The wrap blanket is usable in the Maxi Cosi, travel cot, playpen or just to hold your baby. The wrap blanket is also usable as a blanket and a play mat. In conclusion, the wrap blanket is a lot of presents in one product, so, really convenient and a true must-have for young parents!

5. Winter sleeping bag

Maybe you already experienced yourself how great a winter sleeping bag is for your baby. The perfect gift to make other parents really happy. A winter sleeping bag makes sure babies have a good night’s sleep. In this way, their parents have a good night as well. A good night sleep is the best gift you can give!

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