Cocooner Baby Wrap


The Cocooner is a comfortable 100% cotton baby wrap. You are able use the Cocooner from birth horizontal and up to 18 months (min. 3.5 kg, max. 12 kg) once your child sit, you can also use it as a hip carrier (up to 12 kg, approx 18 months ). Carrying your baby makes life easier and has a positive effect on your baby's physical and emotional development.

Curious about how to wrap the Cocooner?
Look at the Cocooner wrap instructions page for step by step instructions and video's.

Carrying background
It is an age old fact and occurs in all parts of the world:  carrying your child. A practicle given to have your hands free. In the past woman had to work hard on the land. You couldn't do any work when the baby was in a crib and you would have to stay with the child. The most safe place for a baby was close to the parents or a member of the tribe.  

 historie cocooner

Connected to the body
To have their hands free, people developed all kinds of different carrying methods and these methods still exist. In some cultures people use baskets on their head or back, narrow peaces of fabric to carry the baby on the hip or long cloths in which the baby can be carried on the belly or back. In The Netherlands as well baby's used to be carried a lot. As a matter of fact, the pram was only available for a larger group from 1920 onwards. Before then we all used to walk around with our young child tied to our body. 

Maybe you've read about it before. Carrying children with a babywrap has a positive effect on the fysical, intellectual and emotional development. Parents want their children to grow into responsible, socially competent adults. To achieve, there is only one thing really necessary: a good connection between parents and children. This connecting process can be encouraged by carrying children with you, for example in a babywrap. A babywrap gives the baby a prolongued womb experience, safety, connection, less crying and offers an good ergonomic posture to the baby.  

It is also very positive and good to carry your baby in a baby wrap. Your baby is close to you, hears you voice, your breathing and heartrate, just like during pregnancy. Also your baby can discover the world with you nearby in the babywrap. That feels safe and trusted. This provides a good connection.

Advantages of a baby sling wrap
A baby that can discover our world from a safe place in this baby sling wrap has a full overview, a good contact with the baby and it's environment and the baby sling wrap is practically always ready to use whereas a pram is not always as easy. With a sling it is easy to walk in the forrest or on the beach. Your hands are free for other children in the family or for housework. 

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