Baby blankets

In order for your little one to sleep well we have the baby blankets from Lodger. We have a bed blanket and a crib blanket, which fit seamlessly into each cot. Both variants, crib blanket and bed blanket are made of 100% knitted cotton.

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Baby blankets


Knitted cotton

The crib blanket measures 75 x 100 cm and the bed blanket measures 100 x 150 cm. Through the knitted cotton, this baby blanket is super soft, it doesn't crease and has a high air permeability. Because the crib blanket and bed blanket are so air permeable and breathable, your child never get's too hot. This ensures a good night's sleep.

The Quilt Collection

The Quilt blankets have on the upper side a diamond pattern. The other side has a cloud print. The blanket can be used on both sides.